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NameRachel Reed
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MessageI have a doll that I decided to look up on the internet. She was only stamped 1970 - Topper Corp - Hong Kong. That's how I found your site.

She only has on a pair of panties and has dark hair. Very pretty doll though. I'm glad I found your site.


NamePeggy Haskins
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MessageWould like to know if you are selling the african american thumbelina doll and for how much. My sister had one in the 60's and my brother broke the string in only a few hours. Thanks

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MessageHad one when I was a kid, glad to see somebody else still remembers them. smilie Thanks.

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MessageI haven't read every comment, so don't know if someone has mentioned this, but I did have the Thumbelina with a pink car (early 70s, I think). It's long gone now, but it was definitely pink - I never knew it came in blue too. I don't have any idea where my parents got it - probably that Montgomery Ward catalog smilie

NameLori Villegas
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MessageYou have a wonderful collection. I have 2 of these, but my question is; I have one sm. Thumbelina w/ high chair and etc, but my high chair and bowl, spoon, bottle is different than yours. Do you have any idea why? I also have the draw string doll in green pj bottems. They're both in perfect cond.

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MessageI happen to have a Thumbelina doll with her car from 1970 and was wondering if you happen to know how much she is worth. She is still in the box, though the box is a little banged up..Can you please email me back and let me know? thank you so much

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Namealice bryan
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MessageI highly recommend this site to anyone. I recieved my order EXACTLY as it was posted. I had never ordered anything online except once thru Amazon, and I was skeptical, but I immediately knew from corresponding with Aida, that this was going to be a good experience. To my amazement I was thrilled at the response I received and the personal attention that was given to me. Her product came in perfect condition and was exactly as described. I feel as though I am a friend of Aida's, not just a customer. I will go to her site FIRST from now on. I cannot praise Aida with PIXYDUSTDOLLS enough. Please everyone, trust what you order will be what you ordered exactly.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Nameperri edel
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Messageamazing collection...brings back many childhood memories

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