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MessageHELLO! Many years ago your site posted an article about Jimmy Griffin, cofounder of Bread. A particular note of fact is that he co-wrote the Oscar winning hit that was also became a signature song for The Carpenters, "For All We Know," in 1971 with Robb Royer (Bread) and my grandfather, film composer, Fred Karlin. Just letting you know in case you want to update his page. The info is all over the Intertubes. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK! smilie

NamePaul Joseph Gruyters
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MessageJust found this site. So hi Dave from Lockdown 6 August 2021 Melbourne. Stay safe.

Namea bursey
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MessageDW and I were in Nashville, Tn. the day Porter Wagoner's furneral percession was lining up just outside where we stayed - Nov. 2007. C.n'W great now gone but not forgotten. Al B.

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MessageLovin the show! Great country music getting me and the wife thru the night! Weekly ritual! Love it can’t help but express my love for this show!

NameJan Haswell
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MessageWishing Happy Christmas and New Year health and prosperity to beautiful Dave and less-blessed members.

NameJohnn Duncan
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MessageI love seeing the clips to some of my favourite country songs and some I never knew had clips keep up the awesome work new member coming soon

NameWatling & Bates
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MessageTickled to Betsy to meet you David, thanks so much for having us on the show! There's always a spot on the porch for you here in Unumgar NSW.

Cheers, Kym & Geoff
Watling & Bates

NameBonnie Griffiths
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MessageHi Dave .. gee so many years ago I used to listen to your show, just saw you on c31, I didn't know NU Country was still going..I loved NU Country years ago in my Laurie Allen played some great country music tonight, so glad you are still playing country and lookin good...good on you Dave.

NameAndy Tanas
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MessageHi David,
Andy Tanas here and checking in to see how you're doing and how are things down under. Just getting started on a new CD and will keep you posted on that as it develops. Still on the road about 400 to 800 miles a week solo acoustic. Having a blast but the driving and road food is killing me. Wishing you all the best,
Andy Tanas

NameAndrew Travers and Cathy Wearne
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MessageIf Dave Dawson is out there - please drop us a line. The Happening Thang has resurrected (well the two of us have) with The Western Distributors. Stories to be told...debut CD released March this year. Off to Tamworth 2019 and would love to catch up with you asap. Have Melbourne connections but hardly there...Sydney's still our town.

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