Guestbook features

UltraGuest Features

Our goal is to create the best hosted guestbook system ever and therefor your feedback and suggestions are very important to us. Here you can read about some of our features and once you suggest another feature we can hopefully add it to our growing feature list...

Since there are hundreds of free guestbook services around it may be difficult to choose who should host your guestbook, but we hope that you will give us that honor. We have been in business since 2003 and we have ever since strived to create the best guestbook system possible. The continuous feedback we get from our growing community of tens of thousands of webmasters, bloggers and other is very important to us.

How do we define a great guestbook? A great guestbook should be easy to install and use, but at the same time it should have all the features that you need. It must be quick and fun to customize so that it looks like an integrated part of your site, although it is hosted at our servers. As a hosted service (ASP) you do not need to worry about speed, bandwidth, uptime and upgrades - we take care of that for you.

Easy to install and use

You do not need to be a code guru and dive deep down into things like HTML, CSS and javascript in order to use our system. We have taken care of the difficult stuff, now all you need to do is to decide what the guestbook should look like using our simple interface tool.