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This service is provided "as is". We will make every effort to provide this service with no interruptions, but there may be unexpected downtimes, or interruptions of the service. We are not responsible for any loss of business or any other damages you may suffer due to downtimes or elimination of service.

The following sites are not allowed to use our service:
  • adult sites
  • warez sites
  • cracks/serials/hacking sites
  • hate/racial/discriminating sites
  • any sites indulging in any form of illegal activities

The following is not allowed in the guestbook:
  • use of pop-up windows
  • display advertisement
  • use techniques to trick search engines
  • use stylesheets to remove the UltraGuest footer
  • redirect the visitor using javascript or meta-tags

Members are required to keep their e-mail updated and accept that UltraGuest may send e-mails regarding our service. Inactive guestbooks may be deleted without notice. A guestbook is defined as inactive when no messages have been posted in more than 90 days OR the owner has not accessed the Control Panel in more than one year. If you have a guestbook that will not receive new messages and you are not planning on accessing the Control Panel you are advised to contact us so that we do not delete the guestbook.