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NameTim Brantley
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MessageDear brother Snow,
I have been enjoying your ministry for several months now. I am watching your program over TCT. I think you have a great knowledge of the scriptures, and you present them in a very reverential way.
I hope I can continue to watch your program for some time to come. I am 69 years old now, and I know my time is getting short. I spent some 25 years in the ministry, as a Baptist pastor, but I have not had a church to pastor for many years now. So I greatly appreciate listening to you.
May the Lord continue to bless you always.
Tim M. Brantley

NameMonte Stephens
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MessageHey my dear brother and friend. You had me on Gospel County 3 times 13 years ago. Geri Dee was my producer and I owned Freedom Records and lived in Maryville, TN

I'm still doing ministry now 70 years old and married to The Rev. Janice Brown "Rough Side of the Mountain" fame that sang with her pastor FC Barnes. Live in Sweetwater, TN feel free to call any time 615.995.4636

We go by Ebony & Ivory 5 time GRAMMY contenders, Gold albums etc. Looking forward hearing from you. God bless and keep you as He always has done. smilie

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NameCarolyn Signor
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MessageMy husband, Andy, and I attended Evangel Temple from 1978-1982. Your were a dynamite preacher. Loss my Andy in 2005.
We moved from Tennessee back to California. Don't know if you remember, but we bought you your first wire free microphone.

NameVince Viola
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Messagelove the music awesome!!!

NameRev. Shelton Polk
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MessageDear Bro Jimmy. Like other guest messages, I accidenrally ran across your T.V. program on TCT 2 0r 3 weeks ago. I didn,t recognise you at first, but the name rang bell. It had been so long. Check it out and bingo, it was really the Jimmy Snow I knew. Does this ring a bell with you. Called to preach inyour Plant City, FL Revival in late 50's with pastor J.W. Jordan. You helped me set up a Bible study course, think it was called Crusaders Bible Study Course. Do you remember me? Pioneered and pastored my 1st church in Morrisown. TN. while you were in Nashville at Evangel A/G. You and I, and Gene Jackson and another guy (I don't remember who, took a trip together at aC>A> Reps conference in Ark. I remember us having a good time on that trip. That was the last time I was around you. I am 75, have a little Bible study I hold in my home. Still married to Betty from Cookeville. She is bed ridden, final stages of Alz (in 19th yeae), so I am a home-bound caregiver. I pastor in TN for 12 yrs, nd moved to Ms in 1977 and pasored my last church here in Tupelo for 26 years until recently. I am only five years younger than you, but I credit you with my call and launch into the ministry..Bless you and have thought of you so often. Didn't post this as private b/c its a testimony/story. God bles, Shelton email (

NameJames D. Vaughn
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MessageWell, Jimmie, we were neighbors, me in Paris, Tn. and you in Nashville, you in 1936, me in 1935. I found the Lord after a plane crash in the Sierra Madres, Mexico. Died to myself, asked Jesus into my heart, gave me peace and joy indescribable and in my heart and serving Him ever since, many ups aand downs, but always with deliverance. I think we are much closer than most and would enjoy the opportunity to visit you and hash old times and new times coming soon. James Dickie Vaughn, 4617 Barberry Tree Cove, Fort Worth, Tx. 76036-432-520-8178! Noy looking for a handout, content with everything, just visiting for friendship from long ago!

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