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Nameholy water

Where do babies come from, and how does God play a role?


Namedr. strangeluv

i am (WAS?) a wayward son ,, because "science is really the Ultimate Truth" (direct quote from basketball legend Larrie Bird); and my DEMONIC POSSESSION lead me 2 believe this. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT????? so i found ur site thru some Followers, and ur connection to the man w the sunglasses (ElViS) has completely astonished me and thus ERADICATED my disbelief in ChRiSt smilie HE IS RISEN !

so thanks Jimbo, i am gonna turn my doctorin into religious healin and look into southern life

keep it uP

NameMary Beth (Polk) Evans
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MessageHi Brother Snow - remember me? Mary Beth Polk, daughter of your friends, Stuart & Marianne Polk, from Plentywood MT. Looking to listen to your program in San Diego, CA, or online. Help me find you! How are you? Do you have any CD's of your old albums from the Evangel Temple Choir? Hope all is well. My mom said HI! smilie Would love to hear from you. smilie

NameMark Otley
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MessageFirst time, very much enjoying your program. God Bless

NameBurpin' Bill
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MessageJimi I love your style and I can tell you're a real one smilie Seeing you on the TV screen motivates me to hustle hard and stay humble smilie Tonight was lit and I'm stoked for the next Jumanji
ur pal
Burpin' Bill
smilie smilie smilie

NameBrother Father
MessageI like the way you do. You keep it right. You keep it tight. I seent you tonight, it kicked rocks. Some people just don't think that it is but it do. I'll see you at the next jumbalaya. Keep it good.

Messagebrother jimmee,

your show is DOPE smilie i can't w8 for the jubilee bro, it's gonna be so f****n lit mane

aite keep it real and live by the f****n code "the law of double reference"


Private Message added 2017-07-03

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MessageHello Brother Snow! I really enjoy your sermons and I am a TCT Partner. My question to you is what is the name of that calming music that's played near the end of every program? Thanks for your response and God Bless!

NameTim Brantley
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MessageDear brother Snow,
I have been enjoying your ministry for several months now. I am watching your program over TCT. I think you have a great knowledge of the scriptures, and you present them in a very reverential way.
I hope I can continue to watch your program for some time to come. I am 69 years old now, and I know my time is getting short. I spent some 25 years in the ministry, as a Baptist pastor, but I have not had a church to pastor for many years now. So I greatly appreciate listening to you.
May the Lord continue to bless you always.
Tim M. Brantley

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