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NameGabriele Gerdes
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MessageThanks for the design of the website.
Great news, report, interviews...and the pictures, fabulous.
As a fan, it is hard to imagine how the life as a celebrity must play. To be mostly the same questions and answers...always smile, be cheerful and constantly expect to be photographed (both professionally and privately). Hard work
Whether it does fall to him always easy?
Nevertheless, he always there for his fans, wants to be close...
A huge praise for his presence, his actions and his work, dedication and love for his fans. It is nice that he is there.
I wish him and his family all love and all happiness in the world.
Keep going that way, Matt !!

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MessageI love this page and Matt Bomer!
He is amazing, just wondering if he has a Facebook profile? And which is the right one? Because I added one and he said he was him, which I obviously doubts..

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MessageLove this website. Thanks

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MessageJust wanted to thank you for this wonderful site.
I really enjoy the access to videos and tons of pics.

Great job!

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MessageHi Kelly,

I saw a long time ago to play Matt in one series, but until this year he bagan to interest me more, I found a website about Matt Bomer and thanks to you Kelly I can learn more about him.
Have a nice day and sorry for the English, it still I´m learning. smilie smilie

NameJose Arco Apostol Barles
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MessageThank you for creating this website for Mr.Matthew"Matt"Bomer.
I just want to let you all know that Mr.Bomer is an inspiration to me,not only because of his versatility in his acting career but most of all for being the person he truly is.I know that he is a famous star but inspite of this he supports a lot of charities and human rights organization.I don't expect famous personalities to do this kind of gestures.He inspired me for being honest in admitting his personal status in life being so proud of his family,saying his family is his proudest achievement.To Mr.Bomer I salute you for all this,may you have more success to come not only in your career but in all your your humanitarian cause...and I pray for you and your family that you will always be blessed with happiness and love and that you achieved whatever hopes and dreams you have in life.God Bless always all the best.
Best regards to your family,and also to your white collar family.
I am your inspired fan from the Philippines who works here in Singapore.
Take care always Mr.Matt Bomer.
God bless you and your family always.

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MessageReally thank you very much for this website!!
I think that matt Bomer is not only a handsome man but a great actor too! During the interview for example he seems always a kind person and I think that could have the possibility to work with him or just meet him, is a great opportunity. (and lucky!)
Often, some fans says "nooo why is gay??" but in my opinion if we are really his fans, we must support in him! For this reason I wish him (and his wonderful family too!) the best of life!
ps. Admin, thank you again for your work with this website!! ciao!

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MessageThank you for the this website

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MessageHi Kelly, my name is Ivana and i come from a beautiful country Croatia(Europe).However much your fan site scares me (with the amount of pictures and information that you have given), it is truly and unbelievably perfect and contains everything a true Matt Bomer fan should know about him.

Thank you for the time invested in this site of which you obviously had abundance of.I just want to say PERFECT in every way, continue with the good work and looking forward to thousands of new images...thank yousmilie

NameAmanda Buckley-Taylor
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MessageHi all I love matt Bomer and I love ya fan site it's amazing keep up the great work ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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