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Nametommy lewis
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Messagei visit your web site from time to time i was raised in keener etowah co my uncle is on your board aaron lewis.

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NameCharles Smith
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MessageSearchable records?

NameRex M Forrest
MessageConnecting limbs to Nathan Bedford Forrest

NameRex M Forrest
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MessageTracing bsck family history Shadrach Forrest gggggrandfather still trying to connect the limbs

NamePriscilla K. Daly
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MessageRequesting contact (office/cell phone) information for Alabama Power Company Environmental Affairs Organization.

Priscilla Daly

NameDarrell Green
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MessageI look forward to seeing all the historical displays during my next visit. Danny and the society's available resources have proven invaluable to my personal research of my family ancestry. Knowing all this information is available to the average citizen makes me even more prouder to have grown up in community.

Darrell Green
Fort Washington, Maryland

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NameStephen Brewer
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MessageThis legend/fable has been around for many years, but unfortunately is total hogwash. Where to begin...the idea of a cave running a linear distance such as the author describes (roughly 80 miles) is unheard of. Most of the really long caves have passages that are contained in a relatively small area in terms of acreage. Other points of fact that are incorrect in this article: 1) Lookout Mt. caves are some of the world's deepest and longest. Which ones? Ellison's? It is actually in Pigeon Mt., which I suppose could be considered part of Lookout. It ranks as #234 on the world's longest, and does not even rank on the list of the deepest. 2) Fantastic Pit is 586' deep, not 620' as the author claims. 3) Ellison’s is not the deepest cave in the U.S., as the author claims-not even close. In fact, it ranks #16 on the list. 4) Keener Cave is not the longest in Etowah County. In fact, it ranks #8 in terms of length of passage in the county. 5) In addition, the area around Noccalula Falls is almost entirely sandstone. The only "caves" at the bottom of the gorge are sandstone rock shelters. The nearest cave is almost 5 miles away from the falls, and Keener Cave is over 9 miles away. Caves rarely go in a straight line, so the miles of passage to connect the two points would be probably much more than that. It is possible that there may have, at one time, been a short cave at the base of Noccalula Falls. However such a cave would have been, at the most, perhaps a few hundred feet long.

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