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NameJIm "Chub" Corbett
MessageJIm "Chub" Corbett says ...On Saturday, Aug 22 at 12:11 PMStill recall summer weekend nights back in 1956-1958, when there were dances and the tobacco (Penzy girls) lived across lake. Group was Bill Crean , Brendan Begley, Dan Sullivan, Tom Burke, Larry Marsh and Jim Callahan from Westfield.

NameMark Carrig
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Town, StateMemphis
MessageGlad to see the rink is being restored.

I have fantastic memories of skating there as a kid in the 70's.

Some of the best times in my life were growing up in Southwick !

Congrats and a big Thank You to all those doing this fine work.

All the best,


NameTom Duchesneau
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Town, StateRocky Hill
MessageWhen I lived in East Granby for a short time, I was very interested in the news of the restoration.
Sounds like it's coming right along.
Good luck and I hope the 4th of July party is a blowout!

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Town, StateColebrook
MessageGreat place. Used to live on South Pond many years ago. Actually skated there when it was open then. If we lived closer I'd jump in. This will definitely be a huge attraction for everyone in the area and kudos to those pitching in.

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Town, StateNorthampton
Messagesmilie Lots of nice memories of skating down at Babbs-Used to belong to clubs down there and assits teacher with teaching basic skating and classic dance. I have been on skates since 1945 when my father was doorman at Riverside Rink when it was at park. Still dreaming of when we will have it back.It will be worth the effort in the long run. Restoring park will also be worthwhile and if run right could even make money for city. I would like to see more support from club-CRC If we get grant then can afford to hire people. ifyou want to look at a park site as example of what can be -self supporting park Bob B

NameRobert J Billieux Sr.
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Town, StateNorthampton
MessageHi Chip: Got question for you. How come Babbs rink or park is not listed in applicants for stimulas funds for Suffield CT? Is it one whole package for all projects? And why no news smilie smilie about it on sites Bob B

NameChip Dyer
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Town, StateWest Suffield
MessageSorry to say, but we lost the original guestbook.

I am testing a new one...

Please keep watching... or leave a message!

smilie smilie

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