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Namerobert billieux
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Town, StateNorthampton Mass.
MessageI see one message that person is glad that the state of CT. is involved wth financial support for rink. Aside of one grant for 100,000 a couple of years ago they are NOT doing anything now. We applied for stimulus grant and have heard nothing from state of CT. GOV RELL YUUKK smilie smilie

NameLorinda (Finn) Luce)
MessageIn Sunday's paper the Springfield Republican I saw the article about the damage done to the Rollerskating rink. I was sorry to learn of this and at the same time I was excited to learn that you are restoring the rink. I spent many a visits to this rink with my dad. He love his roller and ice skating. We use to visit different rinks and many of them closed. We started skating at Babbs I beleive sometime in the middle 60's. We usually went on Wednesday evenings and took a class and then skated for the evening. I often was the youngest one there as many were adults. I continued skating with my dad thru my high school years even after I got married. My dad was killed in 1974, but I still skated now and again. I bought my first pair of roller skates at Babbs when I was in high school till then I used my moms old skates as she had stopped roller skating long before. My dad said don't buy skates everytime someone he knew bought new skates they stopped skating shortly after. I never regretted getting those skates, I didn't realize how awful my moms old skates were till I got my new ones. My husband and I took our children roller sakting a few times at Babbs. My yougest was about 3 years old, he is now 25.
Thank you for doing this. Sincerely Lorinda

NameSharon Alexander
Town, StateSouthwick, MA
MessageI'm disgusted and you can bet if I hear ANYTHING in regards to this I will tell the police about it. I hope they get caught. I grew up skating at Babb's and have great memories.

Truly saddened that someone would do this. Fingers crossed that the idiots that did this are brought to justice.

NameJoyce Hanscom
Town, StateWestfield
MessageSpend many wonderful Friday nights skating at Babbs to real music in the 50's & 60's. Can;t wait to see it back. smilie

NameCathi Hilliard
Locationclick picture for more information
Town, StateLos Lunas, NM 87031
MessageI learned to skate at Babb's when I was two years old. Now 38 years later, I'm glad to see that the State of Connecticut is trying to help with the restoration. I wish that there were more skating rinks like Babb's with the wood floors. The plastic ones are terrible. Hope all the restoration works to the advantage for without Babb's life wouldn't be worth living.

Town, StateDallas Tx
MessageSkated Babbs three nights a week thru my teens.
Nelson, and family were great hosts.

NameChip Dyer
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Town, StateWest Suffield
MessageYou asked, we listened.

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NameMaryAnn Guglielmo
Locationclick picture for more information
Town, StateCranston
Messagesmilie I am SO excited that there is a restoration underway! I will be bringing my family from Rhode Island! Best of luck!
Someone should start a Facebook Fan page! smilie smilie smilie smilie

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Thank you so much for your time this Sunday afternoon. It was truly unexpected pleasure!. I stopped on a pure whim. Not expecting to get the grand tour. I think it's great that you are so dedicated to this project for what ever reason has put you in the position of it must be meant to be.. and I was really impressed at your passion for it. I wish that I was in a better
position to help with a donation .I really do believe its a grand project ,one worth pursing.With the way life is right now. it would be great place for everyone to enjoy. the specical momemts. Life is just too shortl!!!
I left with a nice feeling of nostalgia of my teenage years and a feeling of what it must have been like when my mom was a teenager and . It really must have been " the place" to be in its day.
Hopefully the dream will come true and Babbs will be "the place to be" once again

Daisy & Lucy also enjoyed the vist as well

NameAimee' Currier
Locationclick picture for more information
Town, StateEast Granby
MessageI used to skate there when I was a teenager. It was a great place to be on Friday night!. I have have great memories .. Don't know as if I could skate like I did!! however smilie

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