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DateFri, Jun-23-2017
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MessageI hope this finds you well. Thank you for your efforts in reviewing this vast collection of mechanical pencils. I find your reviews extremely thorough and a pleasure to read. I used to prefer a .3mm myself back when I was doing board drafting, but these days I'm more fond of my .5mm Kuru Toga Roulette and .5mm Graphgear 1000. Best wishes to you.

DateWed, May-03-2017
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MessageDear Sır ,I am a teacher in Turkey.When I was a student, I used the "Berol Eagle 226"sythetic pencil which is your product.Now,unfortunately I can not find this pencil collection but I can not find the pencil that I used in the past.I would be happy if you help me how to get this pencil.I would be so happy if I get get even one.Thank you for your concern

DateFri, Apr-21-2017
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MessageHello Old Geezer,

I just came upon your pens and pencils blog, and I am hoping to hear that things are going better for you and your wife these days.

Wishing you well from Vermont,


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DateSat, Apr-09-2016
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MessageHello there, I hope everything is alright with you + your wife. I enjoy your blog; it's so useful and easy to read, and your reviews convinced me to purchase a Platinum Pro-Use II. I'm definitely enjoying its perfect balance and diameter, but I inserted some paper in the body to stop the mechanism from rattling (seems to be a complaint for many people). I will continue to read your blog; once again, I wish you well.

DateSat, Dec-26-2015
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MessageI suppose after all these time you have found all you could. I can see that you have all the best out there pencilwise. Many of those are not around anymore.
Fun read for me even though there is no hope I can ever find those pencils. I do have a few that I enjoy using. Advance in lead tech has enable them graphite to be laid on paper so smooth they are almost fountainpenlike.

DateThu, Oct-08-2015
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MessageCan you tell me what the numbers above the clip of the alvin draft/matic 0.3mm pencil

NameJeffrey Wu
DateSat, Aug-29-2015
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MessageI like your blog a lot and I myself is also an aspiring pencil reviewer! My channel name is PencilUtensil

NameDavid Z
DateThu, May-14-2015
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MessageI have a .9mm Alvin Draft Matic Works perfect...until i ran out of lead.

I have added .9mm lead refills (3" length refills) to the tube feeding through the eraser area-but the leads do not work.

How do you replace the lead? Am I using the wrong length refills?? I can not get the lead to go into place.

Please help -if you can instruct me how to replace these leads.


Private Message added Sun, May-10-2015

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