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MessageThere is this blog shop online which i have purchased from them before, its called 365days or 3six5 daze something like this. The clothings are very nice and are unique. THe price is quite cheap considering that delivery is inclusive as well. Even cheaper than Gmarket, or now also called Qoo10. But their blogspot is now down. Any one heard any news on them, i am sure that you are looking at this too right.

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MessageDo you adore handbags? In this article there is a finest Coach, Gucci, Prada as well as other custom purses for 2012. Styles will almost always be transforming and also 2012 isn't any different. This yr the top designers possess produce several really incredible stuff. Many of these designers are usually including cutting edge engineering with the most recent fashion trends to create absolutely amazing handbags.

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MessageHey guys,

Im new here im sam.

I hope everyone is good!

I look forwards to being active here smilie

see you all on the forum

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MessageUnknown message

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MessageNeed travel advice?
I have a weekend off and am feeling romantic..
Just missed the carnival in Rio - ha ha - ,!

Off to start my vacation.


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