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NameWilliam N Jenkins airman2
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MessageOn board 1960 to 62 avfuels along with my brother barre ,Discharded in oct 62 had a great time.My brother stayed in a few more years the went to work for grumman corp.

Namejames daniel
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Messagevery nice web site thanks

NameTony Bunosso
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MessageHello All,
Looking for anyone who might have served with my father, also named Tony Bunosso. He was a radarman & served aboard the Randolph from Oct. '60 to May '62. Sadly, my father is no longer with us, as he passed on in '78, from cancer, as a result of his exposure to agent orange while in Vietnam. I have been fortunate enough to have corresponded with other sailors he had served with on other ships and look forward to hearing from anyone who might have stories about him...

Thanks for your time!

NameRoland Gundling
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MessageServed aboard the Randolph from 3/56 thru 12/59. Was in "E" (Electricians Mate) Division on # 2 switchboard/generator. My older brother "Jim" also served on board from 1953 thru 1957. Jim was a MM2, was division yeoman and worked for CWO Frye. Looking back, I had a great time and was proud to serve.

NameJeron Michel
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MessageI was on the Randolph between 1954 & 1957. I made 2 Med Cruises. I was a Electricians Mate 2nd. Class. I worked in the Generator rooms.

NameHugh Phillips
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MessageMy father,Denny Phillips,was aboard the Randolph from 1960-63. He served in the V-2 division. He is still around,not in great health,but tells many great stories of his Navy days aboard the Randolph. I know most by heart. He still has his yearbook and a little cruise leaflet. He really loved the Navy. If any of you guys that he served with read this..give me an email. He has told me about John Glenn,the ship collision at sea,the Cuban Missle Crisis,Gus Grissom and so much history in such a short time. I am very proud of my father and all the men who have served on the Randolph. I dont think the Randolph gets the attention that it deserves. I guess because my Dad served on her,but she will always be my favorite Carrier. Take care guys.

NameVictoria L. Cotton-Crowly
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MessageHi, My grandfather- Ray Wilbur Cotton was on the USS Randolph in 1945.

Does anyone remember him, or have any memories of him that they would be willing to share?

Thank-You so much!

Kind regards,

V. Cotton-Crowly

NameWilliam TRAVIS Pattillo
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MessageI was on the ship when 63-64 v-3 division.I was on the elevator when it fell.I was with Lightfoot and Lee Who drown.Long time ago .Time for a reunion.Lots of memories and a lot of years.Please contact.

Namea. buenaflor qm3 1963-66
Messagereported on-board during yard period nnsy.upon discharge went to work at naval oceanographic dist. office, correcting nautical charts. was ship's bugler and clock winder. fine ship, good feeder, good times. any ot there remember me, extend best wishes.

NameThomas S. Rhodes Jr
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MessageMy father was on the Randolph from 1954-1957. He always talks about his navy days and all the places that he went. He does not know that I am writing this but it would be great if he could get in contact with somebody from his past. He is retired now and 71 years of age. He always has funny stories and stories about all the weight he lost working in the boiler room in about 115 degrees. He is still a small man. He always laughs that he has only gained 10 pounds since he graduated high school in 1954.

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