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NameRashida Speidel
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MessageAmazing lots of good tips..
Many thanks, Loads of facts.

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MessageAt the outset I want to apprise that Sh. D.K. Mittal has protected the dubious interests of a few persons owing some regional proximity-mainly that of one A.K. Singhal who served at GIPSA(a co-ordinating body for the 4 PSU General Insurance Companies) till a couple of months ago and who is presently G.M. at National Insurance,Kolkata.
You can know the entire history of facts from the Joint Secy. Sh. Arvind Kumar.Sh. Mittal was perhaps not aware of the devious and crooked manipulations designed by Singhal.In other words,GIPSA had become a shop selling favours and disfavours as suited to Singhal's whims and fancies and also his pocket.It is reliably learnt that this Singhal was accepting huge favours in cash and kind for rendering undue favours.
Sir,A few months back an enquiry was ordered by the finance ministry into the malpractices at GIPSA (specifically for the promotional exam. process)under the charge of Sh. M. Prasad,GIPSA and Sh. N. Tobdan,C.V.O. at Oriental Insurance and a report comprising 1500 pages was prepared but which never saw the light of the day due to the intervention of Sh. D.K. Mittal.
Sir,I am writing to you in the hope that you will allow justice and honour of individuals to prevail.I am a poor victim among scores of others of the malpractices of this Singhal and he has escaped unhurt because of some link with your predecessor.
With the hope that you will allow justice to prevail so that we are not ruled by personal motivations and favours.

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MessageI am very happy to see that atleast some people are really interested and working against corruption.Thank you jayashree mam and hats off to you and your courage.

NameDavid Marsh
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MessageKeep up the good work from all your friends at Tom Thumb Thank you

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MessageIt seems you have not updated information recently.
Why? Have you lost interest?

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MessageI heard Mr M.N.Vijayakumar has been transferred from one post to other. Finally they created a post for him.The lone staff whom he had been provided with was instructed not to cooperate with Him!. I feel very strange. The fans of the Chief Secretary call him a godly man(Devataa manushya). I Wonder how can he conspire against a honest officer like vijayakumar!. In his own establishment Chief Secretary has kept Two Section officers, Four people of the rank of Under Secretaries, One Deputy Secretaries and One Joint Secretary &one OSD! It s very funny because personal establishments do not perform any administrative or decision making functions.Think about the burden to exchequer.I guess he can easily lend few people to work for Mr.MNV.

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MessageThis is to complain about former tashildhar of Bannerghatta area Venkataraju N.C. Before he was transferred to this area his assets were zero, he was transferred in Feb-2010 to this area and he was here until Sep-2011. In this duration he has made assets totalling to 2.5 crores Rupees. His salary being just 15000 rupees I wonder how he made this kind of money. Isn't it obvious that he is corrupt to the core. All his assets are Benami in the name of his relatives. I am aware of all his assets, is there somebody who can stop this.

NameRahil ahmar
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MessagePolitical parties of both Ruling and Opposition are not doing well in State level. They just bother about the fanciful advertisement of their achievement....Yatraaas, Dharnas, Upwaasas, Wrathas....all in pipeline to boost political images. The one who does at ground level like IAS will be in constant pressure. Corporates - Politics amalgamation results only in Wealth accumulation to only few rich people.

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MessageThe contract carriage / tourist permit of buses allows them to do transportation of passengers for hire to the places of tourist importance under a contract in any other region or state. But there are thousands of contract carriage / tourist buses being operated in a way like the stage carriage buses between major cities in India, especially south India by misusing their permit. Instead of operating under a contract for transport of a group of passengers, these buses often are being operated like a stage carriage with booking offices at many places for individual seats. Some of the buses even have internet sites for online booking of individual seats. I believe the buses are misusing their contract carriage / tourist bus permit and are being operated like the buses with stage carriage permit. Unlike the stage carriage buses government doesn’t have any control over the fares they charge for individual seats. For e.g. Bangalore Chennai KSRTC Airavat fare is Rs. 448 & Rs. 548 for Airavat multi axle Volvo bus. But private buses charge from Rs. 550 – 800. Similarly Bangalore Ernakulam KSRTC Airavat fare is Rs. 698 & 798 for Airavat multi axle Volvo bus. But private buses charge from Rs. 950 – 1400. Also they could operate their services as per their preferred timing of convenience and route of interest including nationalized roads. I feel these are the reason they opt for having carriage / tourist permit rather than opting for stage carriage permit. RTO should act on it.

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