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Namepaulc101 109
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MessageHi, i just joined so hello. Im 48 and my son bought me a PlayStation 4, ive not played computer games since the ZX Spectrum in the early 80's.

My son downloaded a game called Battlefiled 3 or 4. Im suprised how good it all looks.

Am I the worlds oldest video gamer?

NameLes Brandt
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MessageI operate regularly on layouts that use picks on Kadee couplers. One problem with Kadees and picks is that if one must reach a good distance to uncouple, it is very difficult to insert the pick well to actually uncouple. Judging the distance can be difficult. Sometimes I must place the pick on the side of the coupler, then lift in and move the pick to the center of the coupler, move it down into the knuckles and rotate it. With Sergents, all that is needed is to place the end of the stick on top of one coupler and pull away with the loco. Much easier & quicker with Sergents. Another issue with the Kadees is false uncoupling over a permanent magnet uncoupler--can't happen with Sergents. The electromagnet uncouplers often are not quite strong enough to pull the two Kadee knuckles apart. Not a problem with Sergents, just get the magnet near the top of one coupler & it works.
Reaching in over benchwork is easier with the Sergent uncoupler--it can be held horisontally, whereas a pick for Kadees must be held vertically. Now for theory: I will make a Sergent uncoupler with a magnet on the end of a long wood skewer with the knuckle wire 90 deg to the skewer so that it may be used to open the knuckle and/or center the coupler when reaching from the side.

Namejohn jennison
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MessageI learnt about your couplers when reading OCT 2013 copy of the Railway Modeller.I look forward to using them in the future.

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NameJames Katana
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MessageI'm using the guestbook to contact you as your email listed under Contact Us does not work and I can't find a listed phone number.

My order that I placed about 3 weeks ago still has not arrived. The money for the order was taken out of our account the next day after I placed the order. Has the order been sent as I am very anxious to try out your couplers.

NameJonathan Zook
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MessageLove the new Sharon couplers. I'm in the process of converting all of my HOn3 locomotives and rolling stock over to them. Great job on these!!

NameGordon Ross
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MessageI hope your new S scale coupler is coming along
Cheers and Happy Newyear!

Namecharles goodwin
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Messagelooking forwardd to using your couplers. have been out of trains for about 30 years and looking to bring out the old stock ans see what i have.

NameAlexander Watson
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MessageExcellent Engineering

NameBruce Dunlevy
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MessageI like the looks of your couplers. I am going to try them in HOn3. Thanks.

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