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NameLuis May
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MessageIf you want to improve the appearance of the Sergent couplers, give them a 'blackwash' to highlight the detail and tone down the bright finish. 'Age-it EASY' by Micro-Mark works well; diluted India ink should work as well.

NameMike Walter
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MessageThese couplers are perfect. They eliminate the last "giveaway" on a really fine model, the unnatural appearing model coupler. smilie

Now if these were only available in O scale. smilie The proto48 guys would be all over them, I would bet. And I would too.

NameStan Sienicki
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MessageJust a Great product! I have equipped over 700 pieces of rolling stock, and locomotives with the EC87's, and now I im converting some older equipment that have the molded boxes with your new EN87's.
I can honestly say that I have found the best scale couplers made, I am also converting everything over to Proto 87 Standards, and these couplers are the perfect compliment for it.
The non self centering feature is the best, it slows the operator down to operate more like the prototype, and I know first hand being a Locomotive Engineer, and having to make several joints from unco-operative couplers! it takes time in the real world, it should follow practice in the hobby.

Keep up the great work Frank,

Stan Sienicki

NamePaul Eason
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MessageI have seen some claims in the model press over the years and have been sadly disapointed when I bought the product. Believe me this is not the case with these couplers. I have bought them, built them, fitted, tested and they continue to work 100%. "And they are scale". Great product, thanks and lets have more.


NameAlden McBee
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MessageAnother advantage of the Sergent couplers is the ability to cut rear end helpers off on the fly. It can be done with Kadees and compatables but requires delayed coupling or blocking the coupler open. With the Sergents, it's just like the prototype.

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MessageSince roughly a decade ago, I've wanted a coupler that was more realistic than what Kadee and the various copycat firms were releasing, to accommodate my plans for a fleet of high-fidelity model trains. I once tried an alternative make of 'prototypical' model coupler (done by Precision Scale) for added realism, but they were far too labor intensive to prepare for use, and were still not particularly accurate.

Several years back, I inadvertently stumbled upon an article in an issue of Model Railroader magazine that made a fairly brief mention of the Sergent Engineering coupler and its features. Sometime later, after uncovering the Sergent website and ordering my first samples of the couplers, I was completely captivated by them! Their lean profile, prototype functionality, superb craftsmanship, and general good looks won me completely over, and I’ve been working slowly to convert my entire fleet to them since.

The advent of the Sergent Engineering coupler may one day be viewed as the truly significant innovation in the history of finescale model railroading that it is, and I’ll be in full support of the brand as long as I’m a model railroader!

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MessageAs for having suggested the guestbook/testamonials section, I feel I should give my opinion too.
I ran across Sergent Engineering's couplers about a year ago, maybe just a little more, while researching P:87. I ended up semi-permently canceling plans to make my layout P:87 due to the need for a slightly higher level of reliablity & ease, BUT I did test the EC87. After running a short test train on my previous layout, I decided that EC87's were the way to go and I'd b giving up Kadee #5's & #58's forever.
I even demonstrated the EC87's to my father, who also agreed that they were the best he's ever seen, a long shot from the good 'ole days of NMRA X2F (hook horn) couplers, and he loves the fact that they STAY coupled!
Although there may be a drawback, if say you have a medium-large layout thats switching orientated, the Sergent couplers aren't as easly automated as a "normal" knuckle that can be magneticaly uncoupled from the bottom, they do offer ALOT of realism, and relibility! Like for example, how many OTHER couplers do you have to make sure are open, to couple? But yet on the Prototype they have to make sure they're open!
They close tightly enough on each other, thus eliminating accidental uncoupling. They also help to hold a train togeather during a minor derailment. All very realisticly at the same time!
The lack of a centering spring may concern some, but once again, its very prototypical, you have to set the coupler...
Well I ran outta room!

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