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Date2012-02-24 3:38
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagehttp://www.joshingtalk.com
MessageHi Chuck,

First off, thanks for all your hard work pulling your blog together. It's been a saviour for the likes of thousands of people....not just me!
Actually to be honest, I only came here to write a message of my appreciation!
I'm trying to move up in the Blogosphere (see my blog) and determined to reach a loyal fan base such as yours.
It's an exciting world and I'd love to join the rank of Google and make a team where we can progress into a prosperous future for blogging.
Keep posting and looking forward to chatting,


Date2012-02-23 10:51
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagewww.thestylerosette.com
Messagecan you answer my problem on blogger help forum

my profile name is ReshaB

on How do I remove the empty space at the end of my blog where the "powered by blogger" originally was after I remove it?

Namecasey wiegand
Date2012-02-18 10:14
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagehttp://artsywebsite.blogspot.com/
MessageI own a custom domain and when I redirect my blogger site to my new domain name it goes to a random persons website- godaddy says it is a google mistake, how can i get this fixed?

NameGreg Jones
Date2012-02-15 9:47
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagewww.Blacks4Barack.com
MessageHELP ! Have had our site/blog close to 5 years. Bought URL through Blogspot/Google some time ago. Now...site seems to have been taken over. Can't add new posts, delete or make ANY changes (although changes do appear on the interface page but not on the site). Last successful post was Jan. 25, 2012. Meanwhile someone else has been posting to our site since....although their posts DON'T appear on the interface page. They've also changed our name from Blacks4Barack to Blacks For Barack and added the slogan 'Just another site for Barack'. Not sure if our blog/site has been taken over or if it's a case where their blog is somehow appearing on the top portion of our blog's front page. Could you PLEASE HELP !

Date2012-01-25 2:12
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageNice read. I just passed this onto a buddy who was doing a little research on that. He actually bought me lunch because I found it for him! So let me rephrase: Thank you for lunch!

Date2012-01-24 18:06
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageNow I was so tired, and now this time I have got some rest by watching this comical YouTube video, thanks, keep it up.

Date2012-01-18 12:57
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pageritalin
MessageHello, do you agree with the fact that Messi is the best player was found?

Private Message added 2012-01-12 0:44

Namekj wuest
Date2012-01-05 11:23
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagewww.partners4hope.net
Help?! I had a blogspot blog using my custom domain name... partners4hope.com I moved it to Weebly...and the transition went through immediately (not my previous experience when redirecting anything...) instead of the typical 24-48 hours. I went immediately back to back-up or export my blog and it had already been redirected (we are talking seconds here) and now I cannot get to any of the info on the blog. Is it just poof gone? or can I somehow get into my blogspot blog? Thanks. -kj

Date2011-12-29 22:08
MessagePlease I am trying to delete this thread: google(dot)com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=00244804889affd8&hl=en but I can only do so once you delete your replies. The guy has apologized and will like this thread deleted. I will appreciate it so much if you can delete your replies so I can delete the thread. Thanks very much for your help.

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