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Private Message added 2012-11-24 2:32

NameDaniel Sencier
Date2012-07-02 13:03
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagehttp://www.danielsencier.blogspot.com
MessageHi, can you help please? All was ok on my blog until about a month ago. Now I can still edit posts and make new posts, BUT I can't look at stats anymore, and though I click on dashboard it doesn't give me that drop down list with stats, comments, layout, templates etc. I can't change any of the template boxes or messages in them.
I started the blog when I was diagnosed with cancer and it's become really important to me.
I'd be very grateful for any help

Many thanks


NameMelissa Elliott
Date2012-07-02 11:52
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagehttp://yathinkbpl.blogspot.com
I have emailed you three times now--twice here and once through your "contact" function--to obtain help with gaining back the administrator role on our blog--and have heard nothing back from you. Even if you don't know how to fix the issue I emailed about, could you please email me back and say so, so I don't continue to contact you? I would appreciate the courtesy.

NameJohn Birch
Date2012-06-29 12:25
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagewww.JohnBirchLive.blogspot.com
MessageA MacBook owner, British-born, in my 80s and living in New York City. Have had a blog for a couple years but have never really known how to organize it and find my way around. As a result it's shamefully chaotic and frustrating.

A good example exists in the "Welcome to PChuck's Network." I couldn't see "Search Blog" or the Navbar, or any "Contents" or "Topics" or, indeed, a sidebar. How do I get to a page in which I'll find these?

If I can't educate myself soon, I'll have to give it up. It's important to me because I need it, plus Facebook, Twitter and other new media for promotion of a couple of novels I hope to publish in coming year.

NameAbhishek Boinapalli
Date2012-06-19 0:32
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagehttp://becomingprince.blogspot.com
MessageHello NiteCruzr,

I used to have a blog "finestspirits.blogspot.com" opened using the mail id allmypersonalmails@gmail.com!!

After that I transferred it to mail id finestspirits@gmail.com (both the mail id's are mine)!

After that, I deleted the finestspirits google account completely. I intend to recover the same now as I have sponsors for the blog!!

Allmypersonalmails@gmail.com is no longer associated with the blog when I deleted the account!!

Can I now get back the account (no easy way .. for I checked your posts, the forums and such) or at-least get the address finestspirits.blogspot.com. if yes, kindly let me know how and I shall be ever greatful!!

with warm regads
Abhishek boinapalli

Date2012-06-12 21:25
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagewww.kaylielongblog.com
MessageHi! I have searched all over the google and blogger sites and somehow was directed to this page. I have read your posts, and since I could not find anything on either their sites or yours (I also could not find a way to contact them), I am hoping you will be able to point me in the right direction.

Date2012-06-08 0:10
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageЗатем, после того как полученные данные буду декодированы, можно снова разрешить передачу данных. То же относится и к интерактивным редакторам. В этом случае программа использует таблицы кернинга для индивидуальных масштабируемых шрифтов. Теперь величина изменения интерлиньяжа от первой строки после вставленной картинки до последней строки над картинкой кратна интерлиньяжу основного текста.

NameSangram Nandkhile
Date2012-05-29 4:57
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagewww.blogshippo.com
MessageHi Nitecruzr,
I was active on blogger forum.but not anymore because i hate its new interface. I was level 4 on Blogger forum :P

Anyways, i am facing one weird problem with my comments. i had deactivated default comments & was using disqus. Now i want to use the blogger comments again.

when i have set to show comments & in embedded form.
I have allowed anyone to comment from the general comments settings. Still, by default it shows "Don't allow, hide existing" in every post.

So, if i want to show blogger comments, i will have to go manually add this setting to every post. That's headache.

There has to be a setting which will make it default for all the post.

for the time being,i have enabled comments manually for only few posts so if you can comment & test on the 1st post you see.

Please let me know if there is any way to reset the settings to DEFAULT blogger setting so that i don't need to go n allow comments for every post.


NameJorge Ramirez
Date2012-05-22 2:13
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagemaddad1000.blogspot.com
MessageI have a business blog called Maddad's place url maddad1000.blogspot.com Blogger and Google mark it as spam. All I have in there is links to my affiliates, over 50 shop links, videos and articles, news, amazon mp3 clips and so on. Why blogger and google mark it as spam. I do not know. I am not a spammer, and I follow the guide lines to a T. Please let me restore my blog to its conditial condition, ismy livelyhood! Thank you!

Date2012-05-18 19:03
Locationclick picture for more information
Home Pagehttp://kelapathy.blogspot.com/
MessageIm a brand spanking new blogger. Your blog is incredibly helpful. Keep up the great work!

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